Why Sponsor the Top School Awards in 2021?

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Every year organisations and individuals support the Top School awards for a myriad of reasons but at their heart the drivers are:

• To demonstrate support for the professional practice behind each child’s education to improve outcomes for the benefit of students, staff and society.

• To highlight the importance of skills development in a sector that plays the single most powerful role in driving employment and wage growth across the UAE.

• To be corporately socially responsible in supporting and giving back to children, families and schools in the United Arab Emirates.

• To choose education as their area of support, particularly in the year Dubai, and the UAE, showcases itself to the world with Expo 2020 (to be held in 2021).

• As a way to communicate with families across the UAE in a part of their lives that is often felt to be the single most important and life changing.

• To highlight individual ways in which education is changing and improving, including through innovative new technologies, IT, communications and the networks that underpin these.

• To showcase their individual contribution to families, children, schools or UAE life including in areas ranging from sport and theatre to innovation and government.

• To make a simple corporate statement that education absolutely does matter.

Each Year, through SchoolsCompared.com, we provide the fastest, most emotionally resonant way available in the region for our supporters and sponsors to communicate directly with families, schools, young people and the countless agencies and institutions that support the education of children between two and nineteen years of age.

Across sectors as diverse as tourism and leisure, finance and banking, food and beverage, technology and IT, sustainability and the built environment, investment and retail, there is no area of commerce and industry that is not touched by the force of education for good in one of its many facets.

For many individuals and organisations, the drivers for supporting the education awards is equally about saying a simple “thank you” as it is a lever for driving sales or building intelligence.

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Top Schools Awards

Top Schools Awards