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“We were so honoured to be part of the Schools Compared, Top School Awards 2019 as its only Nursery recipient. We felt privileged to share the stage with other leading organisations and appreciate the recognition of our Nursery.


As a Non Profit organisation our focus is on supporting and educating children and families. We are accredited through the UK National Day Nurseries Association and have achieved an ‘exemplary status’ for our work. We are an inclusive Nursery and support all children regardless of ability, religion, culture or race. Parent education and professional development are key aspects of our Nursery.


We will work to continue to lead through high quality practices and collaboration.


Kelli Allen, Head of Nursery and Pre School

The Aga Khan Early Learning Centre Dubai



“On behalf of DIA Emirates Hills, I would like to thank Eimear, Jonathan and all the staff at SchoolsCompared.com for organising the “SchoolsCompared.com Top School Awards 2019.


It was a truly spectacular evening.


Educators recognising and celebrating the incredible achievements of so many schools, staff and students across the UAE was truly inspirational. Every entry was a winner and we are already looking forward to next year.


James Lynch, Principal

Dubai International Academy, Emirates Hills



“Courtesy of several very grand awards and titles, DESS and DESC were naturally delighted to be recognised as outstanding providers of education in the UAE at the SchoolsCompared.com Top School Awards 2019.


However, it was also very pleasing to see other schools being recognised similarly; they may well be competitors, but at the end of the day we all have the same aims… striving to do the best for the children in our charge.


To spend an evening with colleagues from a variety of other schools recognising all kinds of achievement was good fun; we habitually don’t do this kind of thing in our industry, so the Awards made for a very refreshing, rather unique experience.


For such a huge event to come together there must have been a gargantuan effort on the part of SchoolsCompared.com… From the logistics of the actual evening to wading through tens of thousands of words submitted by schools and others in support of their candidacy for the various award categories. 


Hats off to Schools Compared for ‘pulling it off’ and putting on such a successful evening!”


Andy Gibbs, Principal

Dubai English Speaking School (DESS) & Dubai English Speaking College (DESC)



“From the moment the awards were open for submissions we felt like movies stars preparing for the ‘Oscars.’ It is essential the education industry is recognised in this way as they do shape the children of the future. The application process was straight forward with clear guidance to what the criteria for each category. The shortlisting announcement created excitement and the build up to the actual event further embedded this excitement. The organisation was faultless from the SchoolsCompared.com team and the main event itself was breath taking with some take home thoughts by both the presenters and the winners. A true education Oscar’s event with all dressed in their finery. We are looking forward to next year’s award evening already!”


Zara Harrington, Principal

Safa British School



“Wellington Primary School were delighted to be nominate in several categories of the Schools Compared Top School Awards, alongside other leading schools in the region.”


Catherine McKeever, Principal and CEO

Gems Wellington Primary School



“The SchoolsCompared.com Awards ceremony was unlike anything I have experienced before in the world of education.


They were a great opportunity to network with our colleagues from other schools and share in their celebrations. 


It was also a pleasant surprise to have a celebration of our own, sharing the ‘Outstanding Use of Technology’ award with our friends at JESS Arabian Ranches.


As a new school, a significant amount of time has been spent establishing routines and procedures to ensure our school is a safe learning environment. However, we have also focused on what sort of learning will prepare our students for the uncertainties and excitement of their future. We are living in a very tech-rich world, which brings with it some incredible opportunities but also some elements of risk. 


One of our areas of focus has been the ethical and healthy use of technology – emphasising the importance of connection but also disconnection. We have used technology to promote service learning and as a means of supporting communities near and far. 


Our solar energy projects have seen students learning how solar power technology can be used to support education, clean energy in the environment, and the economics of schools in the UAE and various countries around the world, whilst our urban farming programme has begun to highlight ways to live a more sustainable life. 


We were delighted to receive the award and see it as recognition of the positive start we have made to our educational journey”.


Adam Hall, Science Teacher and Philanthropist, and Graeme Scott, School Director

Fairgreen International School, Dubai



“The Schools Compared Top School Awards for education, held in the UAE on March 7th, 2019, highlighted the extremely high standards of passion within international schools across the region. 


The huge range of choice of schools that we share in the UAE allows parents to choose what they are happy with – and what is right for their child.  


Every school here is accountable and quite rightly so. As schools, we have a huge responsibility for the adults of the future that will make and shape the world to come. 


Award or no award – I felt proud both as a professional and as parent for the many ways that the Awards recognised the dedication of all of our communities across education in the UAE. 


Teaching is a profession that should be applauded. Everyone of those that attended the Awards puts nothing but their heart and soul into every new day working for our students.”


Sasha Crabb, Principal

Victory Heights Primary School


“Uptown was delighted to be one of four Taaleem schools nominated within the SchoolsCompared.com 2019 Award for Best International Baccalaureate School in the UAE. 


It is testament to Taaleem’s commitment to bring authentic international education to the region.


The event was great fun and was appreciated by the whole of the education sector in the UAE. 


There are many awards given out for education in the UAE but the SchoolCompared.com Top School Awards has become the place to be recognised.


Thank you again for recognising Uptown and Taaleem for the high-quality education that we provide.”


Chris Bromham, Principal

Uptown School Dubai


“The SchoolsCompared.com Top School Awards was a great event. 


Where else in the education industry do we have the opportunity to get together and celebrate all the hard work and success of the amazing schools we have in the UAE?


The Oscars style event gave the Awards the glamour they needed and made it a really special event for all the schools involved. 


Really looking forward to next year’s awards and fingers crossed we will be making it onto the big stage!”   


Andrew Prosser, Principal

Dubai Heights Academy


“Thank you SchoolsCompared.com for this recognition. 


Recognition at the SchoolsCompared.com Top School Awards 2019 is extremely meaningful to Clarion School. 


We are a young school, filled with adventurous teachers who have joined us in creating and establishing this new to Dubai model for teaching and learning. 


It is particularly gratifying to see their work acknowledged.” 


By Lisa Ripperger, Principal

Clarion School



“Brighton College Abu Dhabi was delighted to be nominated in seven categories for the SchoolsCompared.com Top Schools Awards – and it was excellent to see our distinguished Art Department rewarded by winning a much-deserved prize for the SchoolsCompared.com 2019 Award for Best School for Art in the UAE.  


We are hugely appreciative of the efforts our staff and pupils every day in ensuring our students’ creation of art of the highest quality and its celebration across our outstanding College.”


By Simon Corn, Principal

Brighton College Abu Dhabi

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