Support the education sector and become a pillar of the event  recognising the schools and teachers making a difference. The SchoolsCompared.com Top School Awards has been described as the “Oscars” of the education sector, culminating in a glittering ceremony that holds widespread national media attention

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Why your company should get behind the SchoolsCompared.com Top Schools Awards 2021, the leading platform to support and reward educators and education in the United Arab Emirates.

The different levels at which your organisation can participate in the Top School Awards in 2021.

The SchoolsCompared.com Top Schools Awards were widely covered by the UAE media – traditional and social. Here we detail just some of the coverage…

UAE newspaper, Khaleej Times, reports on the SchoolsCompared.com Top Schools Awards 2020

Why C7 chose the SchoolsCompared.com Top School Awards to launch Fuzion 100 into the UAE market. 

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Top Schools Awards

Top Schools Awards