Provisional Awards Categories

Winner of the 2019 School Principal of the Year Award, Victory Heights Primary School's Sasha Crabb

The exact categories for the Top School Awards 2021 will be announced prior to the nominations stage opening – watch this space.

Currently, we expect the following to be the final categories.

There are six groups of Awards, covering every aspect of education in the UAE.

GROUP 1 – Types of School

These Awards celebrate the individual achievements of schools at each phase of a child’s learning as well as the best new school to have opened in the UAE during the last five years.   

  • Best Nursery School in the UAE 2021
  • Best Primary School in the UAE 2021
  • Best Sixth Form or Post-16 Education in the UAE 2021
  • Best New School 2015 – 2021


GROUP 2 – School Curricular

These Awards celebrate school achievement in the top four school curricular in which more than 90 percent of children within private schools in the UAE are educated.  

  • Best British Curriculum School in the UAE 2021
  • Best American Curriculum School in the UAE 2021
  • Best Indian Curriculum School in the UAE 2021
  • Best International Baccalaureate Curriculum School in the UAE 2021 (Blended or Pure)


GROUP 3 – Achievement in Subjects and Learning

These Awards celebrate school and child achievement in whole child areas of education as well as academic disciplines and technical education directly related to business and industry. 


  • Best School for Sport 2021
  • Best School for Theatre and the Performing Arts 2021
  • Best School for Art 2021
  • Best School for Mathematics and Science 2021
  • Best School for Information Technology 2021
  • Best School for Technical Education (BTEC/IB CP) 2021

GROUP 4 – Impact Awards 

These three awards give schools the opportunity to celebrate, through real world examples and case studies, how and where they have made a substantial difference to the lives of their students beyond expectation, and often beyond curriculum and orthodox teaching pedagogies.

  • Award for Outstanding Innovation in Education 2021
  • Award for Outstanding Use of Technology 2021
  • Award for Outstanding Child Progress 2021


GROUP 5 – Teaching and Leadership

Our penultimate award category celebrates individually teachers and school leadership and the powerful role they each play in the life of children every year. 

  • Primary School Teacher of the Year 2021
  • Secondary School Teacher of the Year 2021
  • School Principal of the Year 2021


GROUP 6 – Special Awards

The final group of Awards represent instances of Outstanding Achievement both during a single year and throughout a decade or more of transformational impact on education in the UAE.  

  • The Award for Best School in the UAE 2021
  • The Lifetime Award for Outstanding Contribution to Education in the UAE

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Top Schools Awards

Top Schools Awards