The Fuzion 100 Case Study


“We chose the Top School Awards 2019 as a springboard to launch Fuzion 100 across the UAE. Fuzion 100 is the world’s leading energy drink powered by the benefits of pure coconut water. Fuzion 100 Ambassadors include a who’s who of the sporting world from Sir Ian McGeechan and Victoria Gosling to Jason Robinson and Imogen Horrocks.



Steve Barton. CEO. C7 Brands

“C7 Brands, one of the UK’s leading independent drinks brands, chose the Top School Awards as a launching springboard for their Fuzion 100 range of sports drinks across the UAE. Sponsoring The Best School in the UAE for Sport was a perfect fit for C7 brands having built a reputation for working with some of the world’s top sports men and women to celebrate the natural coconut water at the heart of their drinks range and its revitalising, rehydrating properties.  


“The Top School Awards gave the brand recognition across families in the UAE through the engagement with over 700 UAE schools. As a brand, celebrating our young people and their sporting achievements was a key driver.


“The Fuzion 100 coconut water product range includes 250ml carbonated cans, 4-can multipacks and 1 Litre still bottles, with three great flavours: Mango, Raspberry and Lime.


“The brand was launched at the Awards, in person, by the celebrated athlete Apollo Perelini:


“Apollo Perelini, leading former Samoa dual code international rugby footballer, was our first choice to launch Fuzion 100 at the Top School Awards in Dubai.


“The results have been spectacular with UAE families choosing Fuzion 100 as their first choice, all- natural energy drink for rehydration. The Top School Awards “Best School for Sport” Award closely shared our brand values with families and was a natural fit with our support of families and sport across the UAE and worldwide.”



Fuzion 100 is distributed across the UAE by Bin Hadher Trading, the fast-growing arm of the Bin Hadher Group of Companies, operating across a broad range of activities and a number of niche products. Current offerings include organic and gourmet food items, through to environmentally-friendly transportation and a wide array of consumer goods.

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Top Schools Awards

Top Schools Awards