What Does a Winning Submission Look Like?

How to nominate – dos and don’ts – What does a good nomination look like?

Each year, all private schools in the UAE are considered for the awards by journalists from SchoolsCompared.com across every award category. A school does not NEED to nominate itself. It will however have more chance of succeeding if it does.


Schools are encouraged to support our shortlisting process because, by doing, so our editors will have as much supporting information to empower their decision making as possible.


We want to ensure that every school has the opportunity to represent themselves and the unique individual ways they educate children.


Information can be submitted to judges by completing information on-line for each Award. 


There is no limit to the number of Awards schools may support an application for. However, we would recommend that schools submit supporting information only for award categories in which they believe that they have individual strengths or have made particularly outstanding achievements.


We will provide a word limit for each section. However, these can be expanded on through extra supportive information and documents than can be uploaded.


The best nominations each year generally include the following:

• Genuine, attributable quotations from teachers, students, parents and school leadership

• Photographs that capture or explain details within the particular Award being applied for 

• A personal statement or contribution from the School Principal

• Where relevant or practicable, attributable statistics to support the case. This is particularly true of Awards such as Child Progress/Value-Add. 

• A statement of why winning an Award would make a difference to the school.


Our journalists read and consider all supporting evidence.

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